Viss par AIDS un HIV

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Tēmu aizsāka: Betmens :: 04-02-2008 13:19

Anonīms / 04-02-2008 13:20

sakiet ludzu kur un ka to var dabut nost??
man ir 11 gadi negribu teikt vecakiem jo man no vinjiem kauns :( cik maxa un to var izdarit ta lai tas paliek starp mani un arstu??

hm / 08-09-2009 19:05

Interesants jaut .!

Fun facts / 13-01-2013 22:44

The more energy you put into something, the more mass it accumulates. So if you're moving fast, you gain weight. It's only a tiny, temporary weight gain, but if you were traveling close to the speed of light your mass would increase rapidly.

Other weird physics facts:

All the matter that makes up the human race can fit into a sugar cube. This is because atoms are mostly empty space. If you crammed all the atoms in all human beings together, without any wasted space, they wouldn't be any bigger than a sugar cube. However, that sugar cube would weigh 5 BILLION TONS.

Light doesn't always travel at the speed of light. The speed of light is only constant in a vacuum. When it passes through matter it can slow down. Photons (light particles) pass through water at 3/4ths the regular speed of light. Light was once slowed down to 38 miles per hour.


Js7TCWyJ / 01-04-2016 13:56

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v8DtukdRI / 08-04-2016 03:02

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